Play mats

Families with babies discovered the benefits of our safe and versatile play mats. Which offers a unique combination of comfort and practicality. Children spend the majority of their time on the floor, yet this is a space in the home that is so often neglected.

You can start using them as soon as your newborn is comfortable with lying on its back without being swaddled. Colorful, safe mats offer many important benefits for early development in babies and children. Baby can use it for tummy time, crawling, dining, and crafting area mat. There is use also for parents, they can use it as an exercise mat or meditate. Additionally, they are safe, easy to clean, and maintain. These playmats provide protection against cold hard floors, dust, germs, and bacteria. That’s why we stock a variety of them with interesting textures and shapes. Great in any home and also make traveling with your child a bit easier. The play mats allow you to set up a safe, comfy space anywhere.

Our products are made of PU with TPU coating and are certified as non-toxic. They are free of toxic substances such as BPA, formaldehyde, phthalates, without heavy metals such as mercury, lead, etc., and are also free of latex and PVC. They are made according to European Standards for Safe Toys 2009/48/EC

Once composted PU (Polyurethane) will biodegrade after 3 to 5 years.
PU is not toxic and is safe in many applications. It is even used in biomedical applications. Since our products are made without any plasticizers or chemical/color stabilizers, our mats are safe for our little ones and also for the planet. The play mats, however, do require special care, which you can find in each product description under product safety or FAQ’s

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