Our play mats are made of PU with TPU coating and are certified as non-toxic.
LIZY KIDS play mats are free of toxic substances such as BPA, formaldehyde, phthalates, without heavy metals such as mercury, lead, etc., and are also free of latex and PVC.
They are made according to European Standards for Safe Toys 2009/48/EC

Once composted PU (Polyurethane) will biodegrade after 3 to 5 years.
PU is not toxic and is safe in many applications. It is even used in biomedical applications. Since our play mats are made without any plasticisers or chemical/colour stabilisers, our mats are safe for our little ones and also for the planet. The play mats, however, do require special care, which you can find in each product description under product safety or FAQ’s

Finally, you don’t have to choose between what’s safe and fun for your kids and at the same time it looks nice in your home

The play mats are hypoallergenic and have a waterproof surface, making it easy to clean, simply wipe the lining with a wet cloth

The advantage of LIZY KIDS’s gaming pads is that they are made from one piece, thin and tough but light enough to easily move it from one room to another. You just wrap it up and save it

LIZY KIDS play mats with 1,5 cm thick foam core will be there for all important milestones. From a comfortable tummy TIME, running, crawling, first steps and beyond, they are soft enough to prevent bumps and abrasions

The play mats are made of soft PU (Polyurethane) foam, coated with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film, which makes it waterproof, has no unpleasant smell and is not toxic.

Wipe clean using water and mild detergent only.
If using your play mat for ‘messy’ play such as water based paints and play dough immediately clean mat after use with mild detergent to prevent stains. we recommend a 50:50 ratio of water based, kids poster paint and water. Cleaning with cleaners containing chemicals or baby wipes is not recommended.

It is not recommended for:
– Outdoor use, high temperatures and direct sunlight can cause fading of colours and weathering of the play mat
– Avoid the use of sharp objects (high heels, knives, scissors, etc.)
– Avoid the use of markers and pens as they may leave permanent stains
– Heavy furniture (chairs, coffee tables, couches,..) can leave permanent indentations
– Do not steam
– Do not soak, submerge or hose down
– Do not leave in the rain
– Avoid leaving your play mat in sunlight for extended periods or on hot surfaces, including heaters where the mats are in direct contact with heat

-If a puncture or tear occurs the play mat is no longer suitable for messy or water play. Take care when cleaning around the tear. Do not allow water to soak in.
-White and light coloured Play Mats are not intended for outdoor use or for messy play activities. Yellowing and staining on the mats surface will occur.

LIZY KIDS is not responsible for any improper use of the game pad, including stains, scratches, fading paint that occur after the product has been used.

By purchasing the product, you agree to follow the above instructions for

– Make sure that all packaging has been removed correctly.
-please thoroughly look over your play mat, immediately upon opening and report any imperfections including  tears and marks within 48 hours post delivery.
– Save the velcro tapes so you can save or transport the game pads later if necessary.
– To prevent tripping, roll the play mat in the opposite direction of the pack, this will allow the edges to straighten and remove the creases.
– Wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry 

Frequently asked questions

Our play mats are made from a Polyurethane foam. The material is non-toxic, light and biodegradable, yet durable. It is BPA and PVC free. They have passed European Toy Standard testing (EN 71) which makes them one of the safest children’s play mats on the market

Our website will calculate the cost of shipping when you enter your address. Shipment to countries not in the European Union may result in additional customs costs

Yes, we are sending international, but be aware that we do not cover the costs that may be incurred by customs

You can track your play mat as soon as it has been dispatched! We will send you an email which will have your tracking number and a link to our couriers tracking system

Please lodge an enquiry immediately with the shipping company. You can do this by contacting them directly by phone or following the prompts on the tracking link you were provided by email. Once you have done this, they will contact you regarding your delivery

We recommend using a natural, gentle cleaner such as dishwashing detergent and a clean, soft cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals as this will damage the outer layer of your play mat

Of course! However, do not leave your play mat in direct sunlight as this will deteriorate the design. If you do take your play mat outside regularly, expect a slight discolouration to occur. It has been designed for indoor use but can be enjoyed on the odd occasion outdoors

PU is a biodegradable, non toxic foam and it is within its nature to discolour slightly. We refrain from using colour stabilisers to ensure our play mats are free from harsh chemicals. You may notice slight yellowing along the play mats edges and in areas where there may be white, this is considered normal behaviour for our eco friendly foam. Heat and exposure to sunlight will encourage this process. Leave the play mat out of direct sunlight when not in use and refrain from using it outside in extreme temperatures. This process is more apparent on the lighter coloured play mats

Once unpacked, the play mats edges naturally curl as it has been rolled tightly and packaged. It may also have some crease lines but rest assure it does settle flat. To make the process a little quicker:
1. Use the mat on the reverse side (curling down) until the mat settles. This may take up to two weeks. ⠀
2. Roll the play mat in the reverse direction to how it was packaged, use the velcro straps provided to hold it in position and leave it overnight or longer, if possible